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Las Vistas Blog Update for December

Hello Fellow Bloggers,

Thank you so much for the great response I received on wanting to start a Las Vistas Blog. I will move forward with it and just wanted to explain that, for the time being, I will use e-mail. Before you know it, we will be launching our website (hopefully in January), and there will be a section devoted to these blogs, and an opportunity for response, questions, etc. Mostly, I will be using the blog to keep you up-to-date on the Association and our Las Vistas community.

So, to begin this Las Vistas Blog, I thought I would provide a brief update from our November Board Meeting and would begin with something I thought you might be interested in knowing about - what our units are currently selling for. We approved the sale of three units – one in the J building for $44,000, one in the H building for $75,000 and one in the G building for $40,000. Factors involved in the sale price are the usual – renovated or not, location (on the canal side or not), end units vs. inside, etc. The real estate market is no doubt getting better, but we will need to be patient to see the values of pre-2006. At the meeting, we also renewed two annual leases, and approved three 3-month leases for the season in various buildings.

We also approved our roof access rule to assist in keeping our roofs in good order and to make sure that any servicers don’t damage the roof when they are working on air conditioning units, etc. We also updated everyone on the progress of our 40 Year Inspection project, and the engineers we hired have nearly completed the outdoor aspect of checking electrical, plumbing, and structure, and they will shortly begin the internal inspection of individual units. We will keep everyone posted on when this will take place in each building, where they wish to inspect one unit on every floor of each building. They will be looking at electrical, plumbing and structure in the units as well.

I have been working with our Website Committee, made up of Luc Riendeau and Bernard Ratneiya, and soon to be joined by Ray Schalow. We have progressed on the architecture of the site, and have several sections already devoted to information about our community, our Board of Directors, our amenities such as pools, gym, clubhouse, etc. We will build a section for our office forms that will be available to unit owners (such as for sales and rental applications, etc.), and we hope that we will be able to demonstrate our Las Vistas Website at our January meeting.

The repair aspect of our catwalk project is now completed, and we are washing down our buildings in preparation for the installation of carpeting. We believe that this will begin within the next two-three weeks (barring delivery issues of the carpet), and we will begin with building A for the installation. I have to mention that buildings A and C had the most difficult repair experience and unit owners in those buildings were very patient, even though their building repairs were the most extensive, noisy and caused the greatest inconvenience. They were troopers and we really appreciated their patience. After A and C are carpeted, we will move to the R building and work our way up from there.

One last update – our gym has reopened and now houses new equipment and I have attached some pictures. I hope you can get the feel for the layout even though the pictures are dark (my camera was asleep at the time).

That’s my blog for today but I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season. I will be traveling up north on Saturday to spend some time and the holiday with my family, but I intend to return in time for the Las Vistas New Year’s Party (yes, we are having one and details are posted on all the buildings), to be with my Florida friends. I wish all of you a happy and healthy holiday season and, if you are traveling, best wishes for a safe journey.


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