Procedures for Requesting Estoppel Certificates

  Requests for Estoppel Certificates are made through the Accounting Department of the Las Vistas in Inverrary Condominium Association, Inc.  In order
  to receive an Estoppel Certificate, please note the following:  

  • Email a request for an Estoppel Certificate to or by written requests to:  Accounting,  Las Vistas in Inverrary Condominium Association, Inc., 3533 Inverrary Drive, Lauderhill, Florida 33319                 

  • Provide the Estoppel Certificate to be completed

  • Make sure that the address for the Estoppel Certificate is clearly noted with both the street address and apartment number

  • Provide a check or money order for the Estoppel Certificate according to the following needs and requirements:  

    •   For regular service - $250.00

    •  For expedited service in 3 business days - $300.00

    •  For a delinquent account - $400.00 

  • Questions should be emailed to the above email address or by calling 954-731-8484

  Please note that if an Estoppel Certificate is issued, a Transfer Fee of $150.00 will be included.  Estoppel Certificates will only be issued upon

  receipt of the fee noted above.  Applications are considered complete when all of the following information and documents are received by the Las      Vistas In Inverrary Condominium Association, Inc:


  1. Completed Application

  2. Application Fee of $150

  3. Check for Six Months' Maintenance Escrow

  4. Receipt of Residency and Criminal Background Checks




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                          Purchase Application Corporation            Estoppel Procedures

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                                        Associated Credit Reporting, Inc. 

                                                                                (Background Checks)                                         

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  Not affiliated with Las Vistas in Inverrary Condominium Association, Inc.  If you choose to use this company please give

  the below application to them.