Board of Director and Officers

Association Leadership:

All unit owners make up the Las Vistas in Inverrary Condominium Association, Inc.  Elected by unit owners every two years are Resident Directors and Directors at Large.  These make up our Board of Directors which, each year, elects Officers such as the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.  The Association also employs janitorial, maintenance and security staff.  Las Vistas is governed by the Association’s By-Laws, Rules & Regulations, and Declaration of Condominium.  

    2020 Board of Directors



                                               President :                      

                                               Vice-President :             Bernard Ratneiya                                                                                                   Secretary:                       Jean Johnson

                                               Treasurer :                      Gilles Labrecque

      Building Directors :     

                                                                                                              Directors at Large 


     A- Nunzio Beddia                                                                   Gilles Labrecque, Gloria Orlando

                                                                                                      Bernard Ratneiya, James Smith  

     B- Harvey Anderson                                                              


     C - Christian Paisse                                                                                                                                     

     D- Martin Gabelier     


     F- Rose Iannicelli     


     G- Barbara Weltfisch Turpin     


     H- Lynette Housty


     J- Rita Tomaini


     K- JoAn Moore  


     M-  Elipidio Grau


     L- Winston Imhoff


     P- Carol Labson


     R- Jean Johnson   




Board Meetings
3rd  Monday of the Months of :
January, February , April , June, October, December

2019-2020 Committees

Certifications of Members of the Board of Directors

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