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Parking Violation Procedures

1.  When a vehicle appears to not have any proper Las Vistas decal or Visitor's Pass, and it is              after midnight (12 a.m.) a violation from will be affixed to the driver's side window.

2. On the next business day, if this vehicle is still parked in violation as noted above, a second             ticket with information on a possible $100 fine and towing will be affixed to driver's side                 window.

3.  The vehicle's license number is provided to the Association's Administrative Assistant in the          hope of identifying if a unit owner owns this vehicle, or if any information regarding a Visitor's        Pass is available.

4.  If the vehicle is connected to a unit owner, and the parking violation is not immediately                    resolved, a letter is sent giving specific information about the parking violation and giving a            deadline date within two weeks, for that unit owner to contact the Association to resolve the          issue.

5.  If there is no response or resolution within the deadline date stated, and upon the decision of         the Board of Directors to impose the $100 fine, a letter will be issued to the unit owner                     regarding this decision.  The unit owner will also be advised of the opportunity to appear                 before the Covenant Committee to appeal the decision of the Board.

6.  If the vehicle in question is not connected with a unit owner, and no information is available on       the owner, then the towing procedure should be evoked.  This begins with a final notice                   affixed  to the vehicle indicating the deadline date for removal before towing takes place.

7.  The President or Vice President of the Association are the only members of the Board of                 Directors authorized to contact the towing company.

     Bernard Ratneiya 

     Vice President


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