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FROM:  President Las Vistas Condominium Association

Date:     June 28, 2023



There are residents in our community that have asked to get a pickleball court at Las Vistas. They are willing to raise the funds.

They have walked the entire campus and have determined the best area to use is the shuffleboard courts are behind buildings L, M, and P. These shuffleboard courts there are level and have no shrubbery that would hinder the game. They have suggested that the area between the shuffleboard court be filled in and that would suffice for the court, still leaving the ability to use the shuffleboard court. There are steps necessary to do this project. Players would provide their own equipment.

First:        Resident need to approve the project.

Second:   A committee would need to be formed to track and keep a record of residents' votes and seek the cost of the project.

Volunteers are welcome.

Third:       Plans would need to be submitted to the city of Lauderhill.

Fourth:    The cost of the project would need to be considered and the funds raised to complete the project.

Fifth:        Check with the attorney for any legal considerations.

Six:           Complete the project and enjoy the game.

     Aerial View of Completed Roofs 
  December 2022 to February 2023

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